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No matter your age or lifestyle you should always find time for yourself. With programs and nutrition plans specially tailored to suit your schedule, you can start your journey to a better you.

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Why train with me?

I am a certified personal trainer with extensive experience in the fitness world. I have mastered the best exercise techniques by training in different countries and know how to combine them to get the most of your workout in the shortest amount of time.

I have tried all my training plans on myself and they led me to great success and many titles in the fitness competition world. You will get the best of my exercise and nutrition regime specially tailored to you and your lifestyle. With me you know that you are getting the best guidance because I know what works best for each body type.

My goal is to transform your way of thinking about fitness and healthy living, make you feel comfortable while doing it and guide you to your ultimate transformation.

Scroll down to find out the many different programs and ways you can get started or visit my Facebook page to learn more about me and get started with our transformation today!

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The programs

Confident ME

If you are experienced in the gym and have been training for a while but you are just not getting the results you were expecting then take this program. You will get a nutrition plan and train with me once per week to get to your goal.

New ME

Train 2 times per week with a training program that combines different types of exercise techniques and get a personalizes nutrition plan with precise meals for the whole week. Get to your goal all the faster!

Sexy ME

Train 3 times per week with a training program that combines different types of exercise techniques and get a customized nutrition plan to fit the level of your activity to get the most results in a short amount of time.

I am going PRO

You are already active and fit but you need that extra push. Train 4 times a week, get a complete nutrition plan and 24/7 support! Your transformation will amaze you!

Partner up

Choose any of the programs and choose your partner. You will be sharing your time and you cost. It's always fun to train together!

On the go!

You are always traveling, or your schedule does not allow a fix time to visit the gym. Choose online coaching and you will get full support for nutrition and training instructions. No excuses!

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Do you want to discover the secret of the most advanced technique for getting the curved booty and perfect legs? Or you want to get the perfect abs and shoulders, or you what to stay healthy and in shape? Whatever your reason, sign up for a free training session where we can work together to find the program that best suits your needs and schedule and you can experience first had the benefits of working with a personal trainer.

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